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CIRRUS SR-20-G3 (N872WT)








Rates are DRY


Avionics: Garmin G1000

Horsepower: 200

Year: 2014

Fuel Capacity: 58.5 Gal

Cruise Speed: 130 Kts

Empty Weight: 2,221 lbs

Empty Moment: 313,830

Full Fuel Payload: 493 lbs

Seats: 4

CIRRUS SR-20-G3 (N872WT)

Mach 1 Aviation is a nationally and internationally recognized flight academy located in Van Nuys, California, USA. We offer flight training courses for domestic and international students who need to fly for recreation or as an expert.

Mach 1 Aviation uses progressive training material created by Cirrus Aircraft to make your flying experience effective, safe, and most importantly, enjoyable. As a student in a Cirrus airplane, you will be enrolled in the Cirrus Learning portal, which will give you admittance to modern training videos, online simulators, airplane frameworks introductions, and tests to expand your capability. You will work straightforwardly with a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot, who will direct you through the training material to make you a safe and capable pilot.

The Cirrus Transition course is intended for authorized pilots who wish to fly a Cirrus airplane. The course centers around mastering airplane control, engine management, utilization of avionics, utilization of autopilot, and important emergency/abnormal situations in VFR conditions. Finishing the Transition Training course fulfills most insurance requirements or airplane checkout methods for pilots new to Cirrus aircrafts.

Flying is about fun, adventure, and freedom. At Mach1 Aviation, we do everything within our power to guarantee you are comfortable and confident, so you can have a great time while learning how to fly at any level.

LET’S FLY Van Nuys!