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“Doesn’t matter if you can dream it or not, all that matters is if you can begin it or not. Take that first step.”


It’s simple. It all comes down to desire and a phone call. Our team takes care of the rest. Taking an introductory flight is a great way to experience the world of aviation first hand at Van Nuys. Not only do you become a crew member, experiencing the detailed nature of flying an aircraft, but you also get first hand experience in the world of three dimensional mobility. Yes, that’s right. You get to fly the aircraft. With a skilled instructor at your side, you will do as much, or as little, as you’d like from engine start to shutdown.
Introductory flights are designed to expose you first hand to not just the beauty, but also the rigor of learning to fly. At your request, your instructor will demonstrate maneuvers you will learn and master through the course of your training. With safety as the ultimate priority, even nervous fliers can participate and learn more about the wonders of flight.
A typical intro flight looks like this:
  • 30 minute of pre-flight preparation – your instructor will introduce the basics of what pilots do before each flight and answer any questions you might have.
  • 1 hour of flight in the aircraft of your choice – you will get to experience everything from the hot seat with an expert instructor next to you.
  • 30 minute debrief – an open setting to discuss the process of getting licensed and address any questions.


We love introducing people to the wonderful world of aviation. So intro flights come as a packaged deal with a handsome discount off regular rates.
All intro packages save you roughly 20%.


We’re going to try and keep it super simple, because frankly it is.
Yes, it really is that simple. Ready to get started? Oh, and did we mention you can also gift an intro flight to a friend or family member? Nothing beats the surprise of flight.