Places to Fly

Our pilots have experience with a variety of aircraft, ranging from piston to jet, and can accompany you on any mission or give you the ability to relax as they handle the heavy lifting.

Catalina (KAVX)

Catalina offers an incredibly scenic getaway just a short hop from the busy Los Angeles Basin. Perched 1602 feet above the Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island’s Airport-In-The-Sky is located approximately 10 miles from Avalon in the Island’s interior. The asphalt-paved runway is 3,250 feet long. The airport is owned and operated by the Catalina Island Conservancy, which charges a $30 landing fee to use the facility. Overnight tie-downs are available. And since the airport is quite some distance from the beautiful Avalon, the Conservancy also operates a shuttle service between the airport and Avalon. Please contact the airport for service and fee information: 310-510-0143. The shuttle service does take some time and runs on a set schedule, so make sure to call in advance and plan accordingly. Otherwise you might be spending a night in Catalina.
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Camarillo (KCMA)

The Camarillo Airport (CMA), as it is known today, was the former Oxnard Air Force Base. The base was established in the early 1950’s for coastal defense and a variety of military aircraft operated here until 1969 when the base was deactivated. After a lengthy surplus process, CMA officially opened as a General Aviation airport in 1976 and occupies approximately 650 acres of land.
There’s not a ton to take note, except that the runway does have a significant displacement. Otherwise, the airport is fairly standard. However, due to the runway orientation, during sunrise and sunset periods, and especially if landing on 26, a sun glare can pose a significant hazard to landing and pilots need take special care during their approach.
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Big Bear (L35)

Nestled in the San Bernardino mountain range, Big Bear Airport is the quickest destination for a mountain getaway. It’s the primary airport for those flying into the resorts of Big Bear Lake. Snow Summit, Bear Mountain and other destinations are just minutes away—which means it’s always a good time to visit. Images of shushing down steep mountain slopes on skis, hooking a 2-pound trout on Big Bear Lake; hiking scenic sections of the famous Pacific Crest Trail; or staying at a rustic cabin with a crackling fireplace, surrounded by pine trees. These are the rewards of pilots successfully navigating into this high-altitude valley.
For noise abatement and safety, arrivals should remain at 9,500 feet above the ridge south of the lake and city before entering the pattern on a 45-degree angle and turning downwind.
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Half Moon Bay Airport (KHAF)

The Half Moon Bay Airport is located on the scenic Northern California coast about 20 miles south of San Francisco. It was constructed by the California State Highway Department for the U.S. Army in 1942. The Army turned the Airport over to the Navy following the end of WWII and the County acquired the Airport from the Navy in 1947. The spectacular coastline around the airport makes for a truly amazing approach.
Year-round camping is also available. The camping areas are grassy fields (for tent camping). Each camping area has a fire pit, fire wood, fire extinguisher, picnic table, and shared portable restroom. Camping is included in the overnight transient ramp parking fee ($15-25/night). No advance reservations are required and space available on a first come-first served basis. Camping is limited to 5 nights per month, per aircraft/airport user.
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