Excellent performance, airspeeds several knots faster than the competition, an innovative blend of features, the unique Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS), and an intuitive design for natural adaptation to avionics, it’s easy to see why Cirrus aircraft are highly desirable.

But what are the requirements to fly Cirrus aircraft?


How to Fly Cirrus Airplanes

The best way to learn how to fly a Cirrus airplane or any aircraft equipped with Cirrus engines is to take courses from a Cirrus-certified flight school.

For students with pilot licenses, Mach 1 offers a Cirrus transition course called VFR Cirrus Transition, a comprehensive course designed to help pilots transition into flying Cirrus airplanes. Such a course will teach experienced pilots about the unique instrumentation and handling of Cirrus-equipped planes, focusing on aircraft control, emergency procedures, avionics, and engine management, all while using Cirrus-approved curriculum. The result? Licensed pilots become fully competent in handling Cirrus aircraft, ready to embark on an entirely new and incredible experience in the air.

For brand-new students learning how to fly, the prerequisites to be a private pilot include:

  • 16 years of age to solo
  • 17 years of age for a license
  • Must have an FAA 3rd-class medical
  • Must be proficient in the English language
  • Be a U.S. citizen or comply with TSA requirements
  • Minimum of 40 flight hours Pass FAA Private Pilot written exam

The above are the requirements that all pilots need to fly Cirrus aircraft. However, different types of pilot licenses will have different requirements, and the types of Cirrus craft an individual would like to fly will also dictate the types of requirements that individual will have to meet.

The best thing to do for those interested in flying Cirrus airplanes is to speak with a certified Cirrus instructor. Such an instructor can assess the individual’s goals and determine the best training plan for them.

Where to Fly Cirrus Aircraft

To fly Cirrus aircraft on the west coast, one should look to the best flight school in California, Mach 1 Aviation. Mach 1 is the only Los Angeles flight school to have earned the esteemed title of a Platinum Cirrus Partner.

Credentials matter; if flying Cirrus planes is the goal, Mach 1 can make that goal a reality. With a reputation built on nationwide recognition for producing knowledgeable pilots skilled in the theory and application of flying, Mach 1 graduates students who are fully competent while sitting in the pilot seats of the best Cirrus airplanes in use today.

Unlike many flight schools that tend to rush the process, Mach 1 Aviation is passionate about creating educated, responsible, and knowledgeable pilots who put safety above all else and can handle any aeronautical event in their favorite Cirrus plane, no matter how complicated. For a quality flight instruction experience in top-grade, luxury Cirrus aircraft, call Mach 1 at (818) 390-9960, email our front desk at frontdesk@flymach1.com, or submit a convenient contact form.